Pia Societá Don Nicola Mazza - Missione di Olinda






Develop a process of integral formation ( human and professional) , with adolescents Baxia income in the city of Olinda, in order to foster in them a life project , enabling the insertion in the labor market.





  1. Assist in the construction of a life project that provides the formção of critical awareness through focused training for school raising and citizenship.


  1. Developing self-awareness , sociability and autonomy of adolescents.


  1. Promover cursos profissionalizantes para proporcionar conhecimentos teóricos e práticos que irão auxiliar os adolescentes no desenvolvimento de suas atividades profissionais.


  1. Promote cultural activities , leisure, to help in the integration of adolescents in family and community.


  1. Strengthen the educational role of families and community leaders.


  1. Awaken and train youth and community leaders.,